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"With the push forward “training” from his father Hans-Ole Vitus, Alexander acts more like a man in his late thirties with a heap of mileage behind. This means only one thing. Watch out for this man’s future output via his Alluxity brand!" - Matej Isak


If you take a deep dive into the history of high fidelity amplifiers you’ll notice a common characteristic: they tended to be big and bulky. This is not necessarily a bad thing. They oozed charm and charisma and had a sturdy feel that’s hard to come by today. The craftmanship that went into these amplifiers was astonishing.

Audiophiles consider many of the older amplifiers legends and some can even compete with those that are considered “the best” of the current generation

Unfortunately, however, at Alluxity we feel that on average the industry has shied away from craftsmanship. Products have been through industrialization, compromising build quality while adding a huge mark-up in the process.

ALLUXITY Audio Systems

We believe we need to get hi-fi into the home and introduce the next generation to the world of high quality sound. We need uncomplicated products that take advantage of minimalism with a simple, modern design and strong, straight lines. Products that are intuitive to use and support modern streaming but don’t give up the feel and sound of true hi-fi playback. They should be small enough to fit on a shelf, look good in the home, and be solid enough to appeal to the most discerning user. They must fit into the lifestyle of the user, not take it over. If we can succeed, we will help bring the world of high-performance sound reproduction into the lives of the new and younger generations.  

People learn by experience and by experiencing high-quality audio, anyone can learn the difference between average sound and good sound. Whether they know it or not, everyone can hear the difference between good and bad audio but most have never experienced true hi-fi. They may not even notice at first. But we believe that once a person gets used to high-quality sound, it’s impossible to go back. If we can give them the best sound they’ve ever heard, they’ll want to hear it as much as possible and educate themselves (and others) in the process.

This is how we make hi-fi desirable. People are listening to music more than ever and if we can expose them to good sound they’re going to want to hear good sound forever.

"Its sound is unimpeachable, its build quality beyond superb, and it is a strikingly good-looking component. If those criteria appeal to you, you would be remiss not to consider it very seriously. Highly recommended."