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Karl-Heinz credits his success of owning Europe’s most successful acoustics design consultancy. For over 30 years, Fink has developed award-winning solutions and products for clients worldwide. He detests carrying out the same job repeatedly, which has driven a massive investment in design, modelling and measurement computers and applications. But as he will admit, when pushed, the actual investment has been in our people.
“Anyone who embarks on a musical journey with the FinkTeam Borg knowingly runs the risk of never wanting to return. It’s absolutely mesmerising to hear how these speakers fully adapt to each genre.”
Hi-Fidelity Germany


FinkTeam’s Borg is two-way floor standing design featuring a 10.25 inch high-power mid/bass driver and an Air Motion Transformer (AMT) tweeter.


Our latest design, and even if we say it ourselves the one of which we are most proud. KIM is a small loudspeaker and takes up far less room space than previous models, but KIM delivers music, emotion and scale in a way that’s surprising for its size.
FinkTeam design the way we do because we can. We have probably the best-equipped combination of test labs and listening facilities in Europe and are not afraid of using them. We also have a massive music collection on Vinyl, CD, and downloads and the high-end hi-fi system to play them. We like to design loudspeakers that we enjoy musically, and we hope others do too. Read the specialist press reviews for each product to see what others think.