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Soulnote is a High-End audio brand, headquartered in Sagamihara-city, Kanagawa, JAPAN その魂を蘇らせるために


All music is a work of art, a legacy of humanity. And even the souls of musicians who are no longer with us are indeed recorded in their masters. If there is no audio device to revive the soul, it will be lost forever. That must be avoided at all costs.

Soulnote Philosophy

Soulnote believes in keeping the dynamic performance of the original waveform as the most important for music playback, which is, however, still unmeasurable by any of the conventional methods.

At Soulnote, only listening dominates the determination and improvement of a circuit, selection of parts and mechanical construction. This approach is a kind of antithesis against the supremacy of static performance.
Kato made a hypothesis about a counter-concept which he called dynamic performance. The adoption of the NOS (non-oversampling) mode for PCM playback in digital-to-analogue conversion as well as a non-NFB (without negative feedback) circuit in amplifiers come from this hypothesis. Indeed these worsen the measurement results in static performance, but a remarkable improvement can be recognised in a dynamic one.


A single push-pull output stage with 4-stage Darlington can-type transistors. We decided that single-end and single push-pull output was indispensable in creating an emotional musical experience, thus eliminating the “blurring in the microscopic time domain” so often symbolised by improvements in sound quality through high-end clocks. Nevertheless, we still had to overcome the relatively low levels of current provided by the typical single push-pull configurations. As a result, in the M-3 we introduced industrial grade can-type output transistors with a relatively small Cob and large current flow.





“"The turning point came when I was appointed as Chief Engineer of SOULNOTE in 2016. I was entrusted with everything from product planning, electrical design, structural design, sound quality management, and promotion, all in one place. At that time, Nakazawa had only one thing to say to me. Make SOULNOTE the best audio brand in the world."
"The P-3 SE sounded like a pure tube preamp. It had all the features of a smooth, fluid, color-rich tube. Its space was excellent, but it did not lead the sound far into the stage, but rather widened and stretched it around me. The dynamics was fantastic and gave the taste of being close to live instruments."

SoulNote Dealers

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The Audio BarnThe Threshing Barn,
2 Feltimores Park,
Old Harlow CM17 0PF
01279 454860
Acoustic StreamsCumbrae, Lower Drift,
Penzance TR19 6AB
01736 368004
Audio TherapyNewcastle-upon-Tyne
*By Appointment*
07976 496218
Lotus HifiWalton-on-Thames
*By Appointment*
07887 852513
Martins Hifi85-87 Ber Street
Norwich NR1 3EY
01603 627010
Midland Audio ExchangeForge Lane, Belbroughton
Worcestershire DY9 9TD
01562 731100