Tellurium Q

Tellurium Q® is often asked what do we do that makes our cables perform so well? The simple answer is that we do a lot of little things together that mount up to be very important in terms of the final performance. The first cables designed primarily to combat Phase Distortion.

Performance Profiles

Find out how your music can really sound with Tellurium Q® cables. Our cables fit into a spectrum of performance profiles designed to suit your listening preference and budget. Hand built in Britain by our specially trained, in-house technicians.

Families of Sound

Does your system require a little more warmth or more detail, more revealing? Our Families of Sound aim to address these questions while making it easier to select the product to best compliment your system and enhance your listening experience.

The cable construction becomes more complex, using multiple stranded conductors of slightly differing materials and various dielectric materials and geometries. We have to pay attention to every part of each of our processes, even using Non hifi industry standard solder mixes i.e. there is no silver in the mix, for example. Raw ingredients for the construction are highly specified as are plating thicknesses, even down to the plating bath which requires a non-standard approach too.

"Frankly? These are the best speaker cables I've ever heard."
- Hifi World