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Let’s say Bugatti decided that it wanted to build a car that sold for $29,000 USD, and this car would also look, smell, feel, and drive like a $215,000 USD Bugatti. That is what TIDAL Audio founder Jörn Janczak has just done with the development of his new VIMBERG™
Eric Shook​


VIMBERG loudspeakers are designed and built at one of the finest boutique manufacturers in the world: TIDAL Audio GmbH in Germany. Each VIMBERG owns this undeniable heritage and DNA.

Knowing for Excellence

Two decades ago we founded the TIDAL Audio GmbH and became worldwide famous for making maybe the finest audio systems under this sky – being said in countless references from the audio press worldwide: TIDAL.

We do know TIDAL is and always will be for most music lovers financially inaccessible, given the second to none uncompromised approach behind it. But with proven consistent excellence we now go the next step. And make things more possible for a wider audience without compromising the ideals we believe into: VIMBERG™

Vimberg Audio Systems​

Speed. Dynamic. Balance. These are attributes we demand for the ear such as for the eye since it goes hand in hand for the result. Creating a design and mastering the act between modern and fast fashion, which comes always with a best-before-date, is a delicately balanced act. All VIMBERG™ speakers come with a trademarked and unique design by an apparently simple and yet most difficult reduction to its purest essence: by following the essential function of the speaker and interpreting it state of the art.


As always in life things are all about the little details. The details make the difference between good and excellent. For example each driver sits in a massive aluminum plate as a sandwich construction into the cabinet itself, since this hybrid-construction does have massive advantages over one material choice only.
Rigidity, resonance control, energy accumulation - each VIMBERG™ takes these things into account to reproduce music the most lifelike way.
"Soundwise, the Tonda is one of the most honest and precise loudspeakers we have heard in recent years. It marks the entry into the absolute top league: A super speaker at a fair price, which - unfortunately we have to return our test samples - left a noticeable gap in our listening room until today."

Fidelity Award 2022: Best Buy

“…I was enamoured on the spot — more than enamoured. From a sound-quality perspective, it solidly ticked every box: First, it had that open, spacious quality that I love to hear these days — the antithesis of dark and closed-in — but it also had the bell-like clarity that is the hallmark of TIDAL speakers, which I’ve always been drawn to. The bass was really deep and taut… the Tonda’s could play loud and super clean… These midsize floor standers managed to energize the large Munich demo room with propulsive bass while casting a huge soundstage, and they maintained these traits at all volume levels. Although my audition wasn’t exhaustive, the 40 minutes I spent listening to the Vimberg Tonda’s was more than enough: these speakers thoroughly impressed me.”


Execution is key

Making a product ok, good or exceptional is most and first above all an attitude. But this does not help with the missing skills to do so. VIMBERG™ has been praised right from the very beginning for an extreme attention to details, since this is what we do.
Experience silky velvet-chromed metal parts, immaculate fit and finish of all parts and an overall appearance beaten by only one brand - TIDAL. But in this case we think this is pretty fair - since it explains exactly the excellence of VIMBERG™.