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Soulnote A-3 Integrated Amplifier

Soulnote has launched the new A-3 super integrated amplifier at Munich high-end and released some technical details listed below. This will retail at £19,000 and be available in the UK from October.

➢ Main features

· Complete separation of left and right channel ground – The ground separation technology incorporated in the P-3 pre-amplifier is applied to this model with a power amplification circuit. Its structure is not the same as the so-called dual-mono construction.

· Single push-pull output stage – The output stage uses a single push-pull SEPP circuit with can-type bipolar transistors as used in the M-3 monoblock.

· 4-stage Darlington configuration with super-powerful driver and pre-driver – To drive the CAN-type transistor easily, an ultra-powerful TO3-type transistor is used in the driver as well as in the pre-driver.

· New Type-R circuit, fully balanced non-NFB – For voltage amplification, a newly developed single-stage Type-R circuit is adopted.

· Ground switching selector – Disconnecting ground, which is one of the main features of the P-3 pre-amplifier, eliminates the sound quality degradation caused by ground loops when many playback devices are connected.

· Relay-switching balanced attenuator

· Ground anchor – The ground of the left and right channel power supply units are grounded to the left and right side metal insulated with ceramic washers, a special enclosure construction that acts as a ground anchor.

· Super-strong power transformer – 2x 700VA unimpregnated toroidal power transformers are used for power amplification.

· High-speed non-NFB power supply

· Copper busbar heat sink

· Unfixed structure

· Volume bypass function

· Multiple-unit connection function

· Record out function

➢ Specifications

· Input: 3 (balanced), 3 (unbalanced)

· Output: 1 (loudspeaker)

· Record Out: 1 (balanced), 1 (unbalanced)

· Volume bypass: 1 (balanced), 1 (unbalanced)

· Rated output: 120W + 120W (4 ohm)

· Total harmonic distortion: 0.27% (1W, 8 ohm)

· Frequency characteristic: 2Hz to 200kHz (+/-3dB, 1W, 8 ohm)

· Input sensitivity: 480mV

· S/N: 110dB

· Maximum gain: 33dB

· Power voltage: 230V AC 50Hz (EU model) / 115V AC 50Hz (US model)

· Power consumption: 180W / 86W (during idling)

· Maximum external dimensions (including spike feet): 454(W) x 184(H) x 407(D) mm

· Weight: 31kg

We will bring you more news, availability, demonstrations and our thoughts on the sound quality of the A-3 soon.

In the meantime, for more information,

UK Dealers;

The Soulnote Philosophy;


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