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Soulnote Overview | Reviving the Soul of Sound

Last year we announced the exciting news that we were distributing Soulnote in the UK. This Japanese High-End company has an exquisite HiFi pedigree, founded with a number of ex-Marantz engineers and technicians.

Soulnote, under the directorship of Hideki Kato, very much has its own take on sound quality, the problems and bottlenecks, and how to design a system to be sympathetic to the music.

If we may permit ourselves to condense their philosophy: ‘static measurements don’t reflect sound quality during dynamic playback’ and ‘always respect the music never restrain, impede or restrict it’.

We must say that actual listening vindicates their approach, when we have heard their systems we have been transfixed, but we will write again soon regarding Soulnote’s sonic attributes.

Soulnote offer three ranges of electronics, Series One, Two and Three, in ascending price and sound quality. Series One is their starter range, priced in the £3K – £5K bracket, Series Two is their middle range with prices in the £7K area. And Series Three is their high-end range, with prices in the £15 – 20K area.

Soulnote has plans for more products. Including the stunning new A-3, Integrated Amplifier that has just been presented to the public at the Munich High-End Show. More information on that soon.

We already have some great dealers on board, some startling reviews and a number of very satisfied customers. You can expect further news, reviews, shows, blogs and open days featuring this innovative brand. However, there is nothing like hearing them for yourself. To get the real Soulnote experience in ideal circumstances, contact your local dealer for a demonstration.

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