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T+A Solitaire Loudspeakers | Now Available in the UK 

Another great range of loudspeakers from T+A, the Solitaire range including S430, S530 and S540 have arrived in the UK.

The range is the culmination of years of research and development, with some key propriety technology aimed at reducing the effect of room influences on sound quality. To quote T+A; 

“…reflections of the radiated sound from ceilings, floors and walls are a particular problem, as they can result in interference effects and delays which have a very harmful effect on the speakers’ imaging characteristics, transient handling and tonality. For this reason, our Solitaire speakers feature several key technologies which enable them effectively to reduce these influences. The Solitaire S430 uses a unique mid-range / treble arrangement to minimise such effects, while the S530 and S540 neutralise the problem with our even more complex cylinder wave technology.” 

To find out more and find a local dealer, please consult these pages of our website;

Link to T+A’s webpage for the Solitaire range;


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