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HiFi News | Review of the Epos ES14N

HiFi News recently published a review of the Epos ES14N Loudspeakers. Naturally, considering its provenance, they were deeply impressed and awarded the ES14n’s with an Outstanding Product rosette. Here are a few snippets from their review;

“… ES14N’s are exceptional speakers, designed with experience and care.”

“…the ES14N showed itself to be a very capable performer, swiftly building up a dense and relatively expansive soundstage.”

“…the ES14N is hugely satisfying when you turn up the volume as the lack of cabinet colouration keeps things clean.”

“…the astonishingly tight 0.35dB pair matching indicates excellent production QC”

You can read the whole review here;

link to pdf of the review

To find out more and find a local dealer, please consult our website;


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